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Why you NEED a radon test!

If you’re buying a home in Montana, you NEED a radon test!

What is radon?

Radon is a colorless, odorless radioactive gas which exists all over the world. While it presents little danger when you’re outside, it can collect inside houses and lead to serious – even fatal – health issues, such as lunch cancer. It is estimated to be responsible for 21,000 lung cancer deaths in the US each year, making it the second highest cause of lung cancer

OK, but why do I NEED one in Montana?

Great question! In many parts of the country, the risk posed by radon is not too high; however, almost the entirety of Montana is listed by the EPA as Radon Zone 1 – the highest radon concentration zone. This means that the average house has a higher radon concentration than the safe level recommended by the EPA. This means that adults will be exposed to unsafe levels of radon, increasing their cancer risk – but the risk to children can be even greater. One study has shown that a few years of high radon exposure as a child gives the same risk of developing lung cancer in their life as a lifetime of moderate radon exposure would.

What can be done to reduce the risks posed by radon?

There are various methods that can be used to reduce the radon level in your house, usually costing around one thousand to several thousand dollars. If you’re buying a house, get a radon test performed by us before closing – the seller might even be willing to pay for the cost of radon mitigation, potentially saving you thousands of dollars. If you already have a house but haven’t had it tested, call us today and we’ll schedule a time for us to come out and test your house.

We use state-of-the-art radon testing equipment and are InterNACHI certified for radon testing. Call us now for a quote at 406-220-3187