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Concrete cracks

Do you know how to tell if a concrete crack is a serious problem? Many people would recognize that the large through-hole crack in the first photo is of great concern, but what about the smaller crack in the second photo? Smaller cracks like this can range in severity – some might just need to be sealed to prevent against moisture intrusion, some should be left unsealed to monitor the crack and others can indicate serious structural issues. A small, vertical crack like this – which is larger at the top and smaller at the bottom – is often due to settlement of the foundation and does not present much of a problem. However, care must be taken when identifying concrete cracks – there are also “false settlement cracks” which appear to be very similar, but can indicate a serious structural issue.

If you are looking to buy a house or if you haven’t had your home inspected in a while, make sure you hire a knowledgeable, certified, thorough home inspector to ensure your investment will last.