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Pre-Listing Inspection

Pre-listing inspections are standard home inspections performed for the seller of the home, rather than the buyer. There several benefits of this:

  • You can find out in advance which parts of the house are likely to be brought up in negotiations, allowing you to either repair them yourself (if qualified) or hire a contractor to make the repairs without paying a premium for quick service.
  • It can speed up the sale of your house
  • It may help put the buyers at ease and may even encourage them to waive the inspection contingency
  • You can advertise the house as having already been inspected, potentially increasing the number of interested buyers

I am part of the Move-In Certified program. This program helps buyers trust that the inspectors involved are giving honest inspections and are not favoring the seller nor omitting items. Once I have finished the report I will send it to you and can optionally upload it on so that it can be publicly available through a trusted organization.

Move-In Certified lawn signs are also available, to further increase the appeal of the house. Please see the Move-In Certified website for more details.

I always conduct a thorough inspection and will always report my findings. If the house has some issues, this means you will have a good repair list to work off of so that any future inspection will find the issues resolved. If the house is in good condition, you will end up with a thorough and detailed report which speaks glowingly about the excellent condition of your house.