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Order a radon gas test in Belgrade or Bozeman, MT right away

If you're worried about the radon levels in your home, schedule a radon gas test in Belgrade and Bozeman, Montana or beyond. Thorough Home Inspections offers this as a stand-alone service.

Matthew uses the finest radon testing equipment on the market. They allow him to get accurate results in a timely manner. Once he gets the results, he'll explain them to you so you can know if you need to schedule mitigation.

Contact Matt today to get a quote on radon testing in Belgrade and Bozeman, Montana.

What makes Matt's tests different?

What makes Matt's tests different?

Matt can conduct a radon gas test and deliver the results to you within 48 hours. His radon tests are quicker and more accurate than basic activated carbon tests that many inspectors use. Some home inspectors have to send their samples to a lab and wait a month to get the results. By that time, your house has likely been closed on, and you've lost the opportunity to have the seller pay for a radon mitigation system.

Don't forgo this great opportunity. Call 406-220-3187 now to arrange for radon testing.